That’s Not How Men Work Review – Is Marni Kinrys’s Program Really Good?

thats not how men work review Thats Not How Men Work Review   Is Marni Kinryss Program Really Good?If you had secret powers that would make men want you so badly that you stood out in a room full of Victoria secret models, would you use them? If you said yes, then Marni Kinrys can help you out. She can give you the insights you need to be that woman that stands out in a good way, no matter what.

Most women think that they need to be a specific type of women to make men go gaga after them, but that’s not true. You don’t need to be a supermodel, and you don’t need to act stupid. You just need to understand some very important rules about men. This ‘That’s Not How Men Work’ review will take a look at what Marni Kinrys is offering women and how it can help you become the guy magnet that you want to be.


What Do You Get For Your Money?

You get inside information into how men really work from a woman who has worked closely with men in the dating scene for years. This is information that men will not tell you, but you need to know in order to get their attention, keep them interested, and even make them fall in love!

Not only will you learn how to get men, you will learn why men do what they do. For instance, you will learn why men seem so interested in you and then suddenly back away. Common mysteries will be answered inside ‘That’s Not How Men Work’, and you will finally understand what is going on in a man’s mind – and be able to use that information to your advantage.

Inside you will find 4 aspects to help you meet men, date men, and make men want you, including:

1. That’s Not How Men Work

This is the guide that you want to get your hands on! It is 181 pages of information that you need to know. You will learn more about men and how to approach men, but you will also learn how to view yourself as being worthy of men. That’s a very important aspect to making men believe you are the best woman in the room. When you know that you are awesome, men will naturally believe it.

2. Unlock His Secrets

Do you like a guy who doesn’t want to open up? This is the guide for you. It is an interview with Marni where she talks about getting a guy to open up. You can listen to it or read the transcript.

3. Confessions From A Wing Girl

If you had a best friend who worked with men for years, would you spend some time listening to her? Of course you would! That’s what this is all about. It is an audio interview where you can listen to Marni talk about the top male attraction secrets.

4. Intoxicate Him With Desire

This will give you a new perception on how to get him to desire you. It is another audio interview that comes with a transcript, and it is not that long, but it will give you some insight that will help you get along in your relationships better.


Who Is It For?

Any woman who is frustrated with men, wants to understand men better, have more success in their love life, and wants to be happier in their relationships will benefit from this information. In other words, single women and women in a relationship will benefit from this information.

This information has helped women turn their crappy boyfriend into a man who takes care of them and loves them the way they deserved to be loved. But it has also helped single women relate to men better and create more of a desire towards them than ever before.

About The Author

Marni Kinrys reviews Thats Not How Men Work Review   Is Marni Kinryss Program Really Good?If you are going to get advice on how to get men, keep men, and please men, then Marni Kinrys is who you turn to. She is the founder of The Wing Girl Method, which is a service that helps men understand how women work and what they need to do to get them. She has thousands of followers on her social media accounts, and she has spent over a decade helping thousands of men become better with women. That experience has taught her everything she needs to know about men and how women can get them and relate to them better.

The Pros

– Marni promises this will work on any man
– Learn what men want from a woman who has worked closely with men for over a decade
– Everything is delivered to a private member’s area where you can either download the information or access online
– A lot of the book helps you turn yourself into a woman that a man would want
– It will help you have a better relationship with men, whether you are in one now or not
– Learn what is really attractive to men
– Learn how to let men know what you really want from them
– Understand men like never before
money back guarantee Thats Not How Men Work Review   Is Marni Kinryss Program Really Good?– All the information is instantly downloadable
– Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

The Cons

– A lot of the information in the book forces you to take a look at yourself and how you view yourself and interact with men. It may be hard to face the truth. For instance, one part forces you to look at your past and where you have went wrong with men. It takes some courage to admit your faults and tackle them head on.

– You do not get a physical version of this product. But, you do get everything in digital format that you can access and download from anywhere at any time. While it may be nice to have a digital product in your hand, it saves time and trees when you get to download it instantly.

The Bottom Line

Chances are you don’t know someone who has as many secrets about men as Marni does. If you want to learn the secrets, and use them in your life, then this is the only place you can get her secrets from. Her main business is helping guys get women, and until she expands, you are not going to be able to get this information easily.

You will leave this information understanding men like never before. That insight will help you have more success with men, both as a single woman and as a woman who is in a relationship. That’s the bottom line of ‘That’s Not How Men Work’. It gives you the insight you need to make your dating and love life much more successful, happy, and fulfilling.


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