Secret Survey Review – Is Michael Fiore’s Program Good?

Learn the Dark Secrets that lurk Deep inside a Man’s Mind? Really Understand the way Men Think and Therefore Find the Truth and Relationship Honesty you Desperately Yearn for? OK, Ladies – you’ve heard it all Before, Yes? But what if Michael Fiore’s ‘Secret Survey’ Really is the Key to the Mystery of the Male Psyche…

There’s probably not a woman alive who’s not had her heart broken at least once in her lifetime.  So is Michael Fiore just playing on female emotions when he promises to reveal the dirty truth secret survey review1 Secret Survey Review   Is Michael Fiores Program Good?behind the exact reason men lie, cheat, shut down and eye up other women?  After all, it’s a sensitive subject, and one that many women would give their right arm to know the truth behind.

So we thought it was only our duty to take an in-depth look at exactly what Mr. Fiore has on offer – and report back with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What do you get for your money? 

Michael’s program is based on what he likes to call his ‘Secret Survey,’ hence the name of the program.  Being a rather well known as a relationship expert he has an immense database of people and opinions to work with.  And this Secret Survey came about when he started to notice a pattern in the kind of relationship problems that both men and women wrote and emailed him about.

So he decided to send out two questions to over 4000 men and women.  To the women he asked ‘If you had telepathy and could read any man’s mind, what’s the one thing you’d want to know?’

And to the men, he asked ‘What’s the one thing you wish women desperately understood about men, but could never tell her?’

The results of this survey gave him an almost frighteningly accurate insight into the minds of women, but more importantly, into the deepest recesses of the minds of the male population.

Based on these results, Michael has created a course of eight lessons which, over the course of 30 days, will give women what he calls ‘A dangerous power over men – an almost magical ability to turn any man into an open book.’

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These eight lessons include the following: 

  • Why Men are like Dogs, and you’re a Bad Owner.  Here you’ll be taught how to interpret ‘man speak,’ along with the real reason that men are so difficult to understand.  In this section Michael also talks about what he refers to as ‘projective empathy,’ – the ability to understand exactly what’s going on in man’s head, even if he’s not actually sure himself!
  • Why Men Lie to Women they Love.  This section delves into the three reasons that men lie to women.  It will also give you some simple, conversational tricks that will give you that ability to get any man to open up to you.
  • Emotional Castration.  This is the part where a women might have to take a deep breath and realize that they might well have been partly to blame for the reason your man no longer compliments you, or even seems to notice when you wear that new dress or get your hair done.  This section is all about how to create a basis of truth, honesty and communication.
  • Does he Really Love Me?  The truth about how men really feel about the women in their lives.  You’ll also learn about how he talks about you when you’re not there.
  • The Truth about Cheating.  This section delves into the reasons why men cheat, and why they cheat on women they do truly love.  But not only will you learn the reasons why, but you’ll be given powerful ways to literally ‘cheat proof’ your relationship against the worry of it ever happening to you.
  • Reflected Glory.  Here you’ll learn about what a man thinks when he looks at you, and how important your appearance really is to him.
  • Sex – and What Men Really Want in Bed.  But would never dream of telling you.

Who is Secret Survey for?

Well, Secret Survey is obviously aimed at the woman who’s been hurt by a man (or men) in the past.  It’s targeting women who seem to make the same relationship mistakes over and over again – in a kind of ‘Groundhog Day’ scenario.

But we actually think that Mr. Fiore is giving out information that could benefit even those who’re in a happy and fulfilling relationship.  After all, every marriage or relationship goes through good and not so good patches.  So the more knowledge we have about each other, the less likely either party is to clam up and become uncommunicative, so setting the wheels in motion for more serious problems to develop.

And another thing that Michael might well have failed to consider.  And that’s that there are a great deal of same sex couples out there who’ll also want to get an insight into how their partner’s thinking.  Because gay couples go through exactly the same relationship issues as heterosexuals do, and anything that can help two people be happy together has just got to be a good thing.

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Who is Michael Fiore? 

Diagram 2 Michael Fiore Secret Survey Review   Is Michael Fiores Program Good?Michael Fiore is no stranger to the world of relationships, and he’s carved himself a niche as somewhat of an expert in the subject.  He’s been featured on countless TV programs, including Fox TV and The Rachel Ray Show, to name just a couple.  He’s well-known nationwide as giving some of the soundest relationship advice, and is personally responsible for helping thousands of couples work their way back to loving happiness.

The Pros

  • By gaining an insight into the way men really think this automatically will promote a feeling of high self-confidence.  And being confident is sexually alluring in its own right – something that men find powerfully attractive.
  • Because the survey results were anonymous, plus the fact that most men replied by email, gave the results just that extra little bit of truth about them.  There’s something strangely comforting about the internet, and the anonymity it provides.  Because of this, Michael Fiore’s survey really does seem to have come up with some of the deepest secrets locked away inside men’s heads.
  • The eight lessons are easy to follow, and are provided in an audio, video and text manner.  So whichever way you prefer to study, it’s already there for you.
  • Instantly downloaded to your computer – so no waiting around for the postman to eventually make it to your door.
  • The only real ‘con’ is that some women might find some of the truths that are revealed a little hard to swallow in some places.  This is honestly the ‘down and dirty’ that has been locked away money back guarantee Secret Survey Review   Is Michael Fiores Program Good?inside the minds of men for the past millennia.  And on the first read might be a little shocking to women.
  • If you consider having men look at you in sheer awe when they realize that you actually ‘get them’ is a bad thing, then perhaps the information given in Secret Surveys isn’t something you should be made privy to.

The Bottom Line 

Okay, ladies.  We know there’s a heck of a lot of products on the market that profess to be able to help you understand men, get a relationship back on track or prevent it from going off the rails in the first place.  Well, Secret Survey actually does appear to offer real and relevant information that can be used to help a relationship flourish.

And seeing as Mr. Fiore really is an expert in this area, we have to admit that this is a sound and realistic product that many women will find extremely informative.  Of course, it can’t make cupid’s arrow fly in the first place, but once it’s hit its target, following the information provided in Secret Survey could honestly help that arrow remain firmly in place.

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